PSYC 460 week 8 quiz

Which of the following is NOT a negative dimension of friendship as identified by young athletes?

Correct D.lack of empathy
Answer Key: D
Which of the following statements is (are) true?

A.Sport participation builds character.
B.Sport participation builds leadership skills.
Correct C.The benefits of sport participation depend on the quality of the adult leadership.
D.a and b
Answer Key: C
Which of the following is the number one reason that young athletes give for participating in school and other youth sports? make new friends improve skills get exercise
Correct have fun
Answer Key: D
Which of the following is NOT one of the top five reasons given for participating in youth sport? improve sport skills stay in shape have fun
Correct make new friends
Answer Key: D
Research has indicated that participants in youth sport differ from dropouts in what psychological attribute?

A.perceived competence
B.trait anxiety
Incorrect C. self-esteem
Answer Key: A
Which of the following would be classified as an aggressive act?

Incorrect A.throwing a helmet in disgust after striking out
B.punching an umpire because he made a bad call
C.accidentally hitting and injuring a batter with a wild fastball
D. b and c
Answer Key: B
“Good aggression” (playing within the rules with high intensity) is known in sport psychology as

Correct A.assertive behavior
B.aggression with purpose
C.aggression with emotion
D.intentional aggression
Answer Key: A
Instrumental aggression is aggression occurring

A.with the intent to harm physically the quest of some nonaggressive goal
C.with the intent to harm psychologically
D.a and b
Answer Key: B
Most aggression in sport falls in which of the following categories?

Correct A.instrumental aggression
B.reactive aggression
C.judgmental aggression
D.intentional aggression
Answer Key: A
Individuals have an innate predisposition to be aggressive, which builds up and eventually must be expressed. This represents the major premise of which theory? learning theory
B.frustration-aggression theory
C.revised frustration-aggression theory
Correct D.instinct theory
Answer Key: D
The belief that an athlete will do the right thing when faced with a moral dilemma refers to

Correct A.integrity
Answer Key: A
The structural-developmental approach to good sporting behavior focuses on

Correct psychological growth changes as a child interacts with the environment to shape moral reasoning
B.reinforcement as the key to developing moral reasoning
C.a behavioral model that advocates a stimulus-response approach to the development of good sporting behavior innate developmental factors dictate the development of good sporting behavior
Answer Key: A
Which of the following is (are) NOT part of social learning?

B. reinforcement comparison
Correct D.attributions
Answer Key: D
Character development is most facilitated by building a

Correct A.task-oriented climate
B.ego-oriented climate
C.competitive climate
D.high-performance climate
Answer Key: A
The definition of good sporting behavior put forth by Shields and Bredemeier emphasizes which of these statements?

Correct A.Ethical standards will take precedence over strategic gain when these are in conflict.
B.Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
C.Have respect for other players, coaches, and officials
D.Appropriate moral development is different for different ages.
Answer Key: A

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