PSYC 460 week 4 quiz

Team building is considered part of which stage of team development?

Correct A.forming
Answer Key: A
Dean Smith, former basketball coach at the University of North Carolina, often played his reserves as a unit early in the game. This is an example of emphasizing

Correct A.role acceptance
B.role reversal norms cohesion
Answer Key: A
A level of performance, pattern of behavior, or belief that is formally or informally established as appropriate by a group is called a

Correct A.norm
C.role climate
Answer Key: A
If a rookie tried to take charge and exert leadership in critical games despite the fact that there was a veteran leader on the team, this would be considered a violation of

Correct norms cohesion solidarity identity
Answer Key: A
The common thread among the definitions of cohesion is that cohesion is made up of what two basic dimensions?

Correct A.task and social cohesion
B.task and organizational cohesion and organizational cohesion
D.psychological and organizational cohesion
Answer Key: A
Which of the following is NOT an antecedent to cohesion according to Carron’s model?

A.environmental factors factors
Correct C.organizational factors
D.leadership factors
Answer Key: C
Which of the following statements regarding antecedent factors affecting cohesion is (are) FALSE?

A.Larger groups have higher cohesion than smaller groups.
B.More distinctive groups have higher levels of cohesion.
C.Compatibility between a coach and players is related to cohesion.
Incorrect D.a and b
Answer Key: A
Which of the following is NOT one of the principles underlying the team-building model developed by Carron and colleagues?

A.role clarity and acceptance
Correct B.autocratic leadership style
C.distinctiveness and togetherness goals
Answer Key: B
“Great leaders are born, not made.” This statement is an example of which approach to leadership?

Correct B. trait
Answer Key: B
In their classic study of the coaching (leadership) behaviors of legendary basketball coach John Wooden, Tharp and Gallimore found that his most often-used coaching behavior was

A.statements of displeasure
B.praise and encouragement
Correct C.verbal instructions on what to do and how to do it
D.combining instruction with punishment
Answer Key: C
The definition of leadership usually seen in the literature is

Correct A.the behavioral process of influencing individuals and groups toward set goals
B.being a positive role model
C.the process of creating change in groups and individuals
D.the process of keeping a group working together without conflicts
Answer Key: A
Which of the following is NOT a purpose of communication?

Correct B.retrospection
Answer Key: B
Intrapersonal communication is communication with

Correct A.yourself
B.someone else
Answer Key: A
Proxemics is the study of how we communicate

Correct the way we use space the way we use gestures the way we use speech the way we touch
Answer Key: A
Which of the following things should you do during a confrontation?

A.Stop communicating.
B.Communicate the problem.
C.Rely on nonverbal cues to communicate.
Incorrect D.a and c
Answer Key: B

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