SPHE314 week 2 quiz

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// The two main components of the nervous system are:

A.the autonomic nervous system and the somatic nervous system
B.the brain and the spinal cord
Correct C.the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system
D.the efferent and afferent divisions of the nervous system


Answer Key: C
// The site of impulse conduction from one neuron to another is called a(n)

C.neuromuscular junction
Correct D.synapse


Answer Key: D
// A localized change in a neuron’s membrane potential, which may or may not spread over the entire cell membrane, is called

Correct A.graded potential
B.action potential
C.threshold potential


Answer Key: A
// Which of the following is NOT correct?

A.The velocity of nerve impulse transmission is also determined by the neuron’s size.
Correct B.Neurons of small diameter conduct nerve impulses faster than neurons of larger diameter
C.Neurons communicate with each other across synapses
D.Only when the sum of all individual action potentials meets or exceeds threshold can a graded potential occur


Answer Key: B
// Basal metabolism is the minimal 24-hour energy expenditure for

A.physical activity
B.digestion and absorption
C.thermic effect of food
Correct D.basic body functions


Answer Key: D
BMR increases with increased body temperature

A. True
B. False
Answer Key: True
// Hormonal Regulation of Metabolism During Exercise 5
Which group of hormones exerts metabolic and cardiovascular effects during exercise?

A.thyroid hormones
Correct B.catecholamines
C.pancreatic hormones
D.adrenal cortex hormones


Answer Key: B
// An example of a target cell for glucagon would be

A.kidney cells
B.heart cells
Correct C.liver cells
D.adipose cells


Answer Key: C
// Which energy substrate contains the most energy per gram?

Correct C.fat


Answer Key: C
// Which of the following is not a quantitative test or index of anaerobic capacity?

A.Wingate anaerobic test
B.maximal accumulated oxygen deficit
Correct C.maximal EPOC
D.critical power test


Answer Key: C

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