Soci315 quiz 3

Most Buddhist Asians eat animal flesh, notwithstanding the ahimsa principles of their faith because:

A.ahimsa only is required if you are living in or visiting India
Correct B.poor people can’t get adequate protein in their diet if they don’t
C.most Asian Buddhists don’t really understand their faith; it’s too complicated
D.mendicant monks are required to eat whatever they are given
Answer Key: B
Harris would say that the underlying reason for Middle Eastern religions having a pork aversion is:

A.people have deep religious convictions
Correct B.pigs are not suited to hot, dry climates
C.pork tastes like human flesh and eating pork predisposes people to become people-eaters
D.pork meat is more easily spoiled than mutton or lamb
Answer Key: B
Discovering additional practical advantages of a religious injunction,

A.proves that science is more important than religion
Correct B.allows scientists to see how a particular belief system benefitted a culture
C.allows scientists to study cultures that are similar to their own
D.allows scientists to prove that Harris’ theories are incorrect
Answer Key: B
Turkeys in pre-Columbian North America were domesticated primarily to serve as:

A.alarm-guards on corn fields
Correct C.meat
D.All of the above
Answer Key: C
There are some pig-raising Muslims! They live in:

A.a remote part of Yemen
B.the seaside of Bali, in Indonesia
Correct C.a cool forest area in North Africa
D.the high mountains of Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan
Answer Key: C
All of the below are true about horsemeat aversion from Roman times through the 12th century CE except:

Correct A.horsemeat eating was very popular in central Asia
B.horses were crucial to war making
C.horses were too costly to feed for milking and meat
D.horses were considered bad-tasting
Answer Key: A
A prominent anthropologist suggests that Islam was only enthusiastically adopted by:

A.people in desert climates
Correct B.people in places where pig aversion made economic sense
C.people who already had an aversion to drunkenness [alcohol aversion]
D.people who preferred to offer animal sacrifices to animist gods
Answer Key: B
The major reason why horsemeat became a synonym in America for low-quality meat – although nutritionally it is anything but – is because used public meetings to raise awareness of horse intelligence and companionship
Correct B.horsemeat packers were not government-inspected like other meat-packers, so spoilage was more common
C.horses are beloved for the same reason that dogs and cats are – they are pets
D.hippophagy became a prevalent disease among those who ate horsemeat
Answer Key: B
A practical, non-religious reason why a ban on killing cattle makes sense in India is:

A.if people get used to eating beef, their food costs will go up and they will go bankrupt
Correct B.if people kill their cows during hard times, they will lose all the secondary benefits of cow products
C.if people are allowed to kill cows, the Brahmins will take all the cows and the people will starve
D.if people are allowed to kill cows, the whole social structure of the caste system would collapse, and therefore society would collapse
Answer Key: B
The value of cattle to an Indian farmer includes:

A.dung for cooking fires
B.dung for fertilizer
C.milk, cheese and butter
Correct D.All of the above
Answer Key: D


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