PBHE427 quiz week 2

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity; as defined by what organization?

A.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
B.The American Public Health Association
Correct C.The World Health Organization
D.The American Heart Association
Answer Key: C
Quality of Life is a measurement that represents…

A.An overall feeling of well being
B.An overall feeling of healing
C.An overall feeling of goodness
Incorrect D.An overall feeling of complete understanding
Answer Key: A
Which study of epidemiology focuses on describing the amount of disease in a population and he characteristics and traits of the people within the population:

A.Genetic Epidemiology
Correct B.Descriptive Epidemiology
C.Social Epidemiology
D.Behavioral Epidemiology
Answer Key: B
According to your text, country that has a lower per capita income due to the absence of industrializaion and infrasturcture, when compared to other countries, is considered:

A.An overdeveloped country
B.A poor country
C.An establised country
Correct D.An underdeveloped country
Answer Key: D
According to the text, a vehicle-borne transmission happens when diseases are transmitted by ____________ and ________.

A.Contaminated water and people.
B.Contaminated water and air.
Correct C.Contaminated food and water.
D.Contaminated food and air.
Answer Key: C
According to your text, descriptive epidemiology is defined by 3 types of variables: Time variables, personal variables, and

A.Sequential variables
Correct B.Place variables
C.Object variables
D.Indirect variables
Answer Key: B
According to your text, what is the greatest contribution of descriptive epidemiology: It allows for the development of

Correct B.Hypotheses
Answer Key: B
The null hypothesis may be expressed as:

Correct D.Ho
Answer Key: D
The following is NOT a demographic risk, as discussed in your text is

Correct C.Height
D.Socioeconomic Status
Answer Key: C
According to your text, when discussing place variables, the number of people in a community is called

A.Population Density
Incorrect B.Population Concentration
C.Sample Clustering
D.Sample Size
Answer Key: A

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